Explaining CISRS Cards Poster

CISRS have launched an easily read and informative A2 poster that clearly explains the scope of work that any individual holding a CISRS card can carry out. Designed to be an ideal aide-memoir to any site the poster provides a simple to follow explanation ensuring that any individual’s card can be verified prior to any scaffolding works commencing.


To view a larger image of the poster please click the image on the right


The poster is available free (subject to stock availability) and can be requested directly by contacting CISRS at
telephone number 0844 815 7223 or via
email at enquiries@cisrs.org.uk


Online Video


To accompany this poster CISRS have also produced a short online video tutorial to explain the card types. For more information on the video please click here



“The main reason why some scaffolds are seen erected unsafely is due to lack of training. Hopefully clients and contractors will use these two new tools to help them understand the CISRS scheme and enable them to prevent non-skilled scaffolders erecting dangerous scaffolds”

CISRS Scheme Manager