Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS)
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CISRS Scaffolder (System)

Upon successful completion of CISRS Part 1, CISRS Part 2, VQ2/SCQF5, CISRS 1 Day Skills Test & CITB HS&E Test (or accepted exemption) an operative can apply for the CISRS Scaffolder (System) Card.

CISRS Scaffolder (System) Card

The operative may now be deemed a qualified scaffolder and can lead a scaffold gang in basic scaffold operations as defined by the CISRS course content, using the system scaffold endorsed on the rear of the card, e.g. Haki.

This card holder has received no training in Tube & Fitting and is not deemed competent to erect/alter/dismantle any Tube & Fitting structures.

CISRS Scaffolder Cards are valid for 5 years.

Training Required For Card:
  • COTS
  • CISRS Part 1 (System Product)
  • CISRS Part 2 (System Product)
  • NVQ Level 2 SCQF Level 5
  • CISRS 1 Day Skills Test
  • CITB HS&E Test taken within 2 years (or accepted exemption)
Renewal Process:
  • 2 Day Scaffolder Refresher/CPD Course