Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS)


Why has my CISRS Card number changed?

To distinguish itself from the CITB/CSCS database and to provide for new numbers to be added, NOCN Job Cards have created a new numbering system unique to CISRS. The new and existing numbers are linked on the NOCN system and and either number can be used on the CISRS/NOCN Card Checker.


Who is competent to inspect a scaffold?

Legislation specifies that anyone carrying out an inspection must be competent to do so. To be competent that person must have the necessary training, knowledge and experience.

The following CISRS cards would prove competency:

  • The holder of a CISRS Scaffolder card endorsed with Inspection, would be deemed competent to inspect scaffold structures covered in CISRS Part 1 & Part 2 courses, provided their employer can demonstrate they have the necessary knowledge and experience.
  • The holder of a CISRS Advanced card endorsed with Inspection, would be deemed competent to inspect scaffold structures covered in CISRS Part 1, Part 2 & Advanced courses, provided their employer can demonstrate they have the necessary knowledge and experience. Contents and overall objectives of the CISRS courses can be found in the CAP 609 General Information Booklet Appendices.
  • A CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection cardholder would be deemed competent to inspect a basic scaffold structures, provided their employer can demonstrate they have the necessary knowledge and experience.
  • A CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection cardholder would be deemed competent to inspect complex scaffold structures, provided their employer can demonstrate they have the necessary knowledge and experience.
  • For information about inspection of system scaffold structure, please refer to the System Inspection section at

Who can supervise scaffolding?

When considering the direct supervision of a scaffolding gang i.e. a working foreman, leading hand etc, the operative in this role must be qualified to the grade of CISRS Scaffolder as a minimum requirement. For more complex scaffold structures, a CISRS Advanced Scaffolder must undertake direct supervision of the gang. Supervision of a Scaffolding project/site as a whole (liaising with client, deploying operatives, estimating, inspection, pricing, H&S issues etc) must also be carried out by a competent person, however this may not necessarily be a CISRS qualified Scaffolder. The 5 Day CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor training course is available from CISRS Approved Centres. It is aimed at scaffolding contractors first-line supervision i.e. Contract Supervisors, Foremen and Non-Working Charge hands. Upon successful completion of the above course the delegate is eligible to apply for the CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Card.


I have been trained as a scaffolder in another country; do I qualify for a CISRS card?

CISRS will only issue a card based upon training and assessment that was carried out at a CISRS accredited centre. Therefore the whole CISRS training scheme would need to be completed for a CISRS Scaffolder Card.


I have achieved NVQ/SCQF qualification, am I entitled to a CISRS card?

No, CISRS Scaffolder cards are only issued when the operative has undertaken the relevant CISRS training: COTS, Part 1, Part 2, achieved the NVQ Level 2/SCQF Level 5 in Access and Rigging Operations and passed the CISRS 1-day Skills Test. To reach Advanced they must carry out all of the above plus the CISRS Advanced course, NVQ Level 3/SCQF Level 6 in Access and Rigging Operations and passed the CISRS 2-day Skills Test.


What is the process for renewing my CISRS card?

Click here for renewal information for the different categories of CISRS cards.



What is the joining criteria for attending a CISRS Part 1 Course?

Anybody wanting to attend a CISRS Part 1 Course must have held a CISRS Labourers or CISRS Trainee card for at least 6 months and have the relevant on site experience.



Does a Labourer working for a scaffolding company need a CISRS card?

Even though this employee may never leave the floor he should still apply for a CISRS Labourer card. In order to apply they will need to complete a CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test or Recognised Exemptions achieve the CISRS Operative Training Scheme (COTS) Course and complete the Employer Labourer Application Form. This card may be useful in establishing the length of an operative’s industry experience prior to attending a Part 1 course.


Is a CISRS Scaffolding Labourer allowed to work on a scaffold structure, handling materials, whilst the job is being erected, dismantled or altered?

Scaffolding Labourers are only allowed to work from a safe secure position i.e ground, building floor/fully protected roof or a fully completed scaffold platform.

Scaffolding Labourers are not permitted to erect, alter or dismantle scaffolding.


Can a Trainee Scaffolder work on their own?

Trainee Scaffolders cannot work on their own, they must be directly supervised by a qualified scaffolder.


Do all scaffold gangs have to have an Advanced Scaffolder as a chargehand?

Advanced Scaffolders are only required in a gang if the works carried out are of an Advanced nature (i.e. complex design work, hanging scaffolds, support scaffolds etc.).


Do CISRS courses include Mobile Access Tower Training?

Since May 2014 all CISRS Part 1, CISRS Part 2 and CISRS Advanced courses include Mobile Access Tower Scaffold training that covers the erection, moving and dismantling of prefabricated towers.


The 2-Day CISRS CPD course also includes a Mobile Access Tower module, which if passed is endorsed on renewed CISRS Scaffolder and Advanced cards.


If an operative has completed training in one type of system scaffolding, are they permitted to erect/alter/dismantle another type of system scaffolding?

If an operative holding a valid CISRS card endorsed with “Systems Product Training – Cuplok” then wishes to use a 2nd brand of a similar product e.g. Genlok,  the card holder would not be required to complete a further 2 day SSPTS course in the 2nd brand of the similar type product. It will be the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all relevant product information is passed onto the operative and that the operative is aware of any differences in product capability, loadings, bracing and tie patterns etc. prior to using that product.


How much do the CISRS courses cost?

The price may vary slightly from centre to centre and regionally so you will have to ring around for current prices. Please Click here for the list of training provider’s contact details. When booking a course you should ask if the booking fee includes NVQ/SCQF registration as if this is not the case extra charges will be made later.

Please note: this is only an approximate guide.

CISRS Operative Training Scheme (COTS)£175 + VAT
CISRS Part 1£1250 + VAT
CISRS Part 2£1300 + VAT
CISRS 1 day Scaffolder Skills Assessment£400 + VAT
CISRS Advanced£1300 + VAT
CISRS 2 Day Advanced Scaffolder Skills Assessment£500+ VAT
CISRS Scaffolding Management and Supervisory Course£900 + VAT
CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Training Scheme£550 + VAT
CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection£450 + VAT
CPD/Refresher£375 + VAT

Are there any grants available for the training?

There is very little funding available for an individual to claim, however there are several streams of funding for the employer to subsidise their operatives training. CITB offer training grants for employers on their register.

For more information please visit


I have lost my CISRS card/Certificate, how can I obtain a replacement?

If you have lost your CISRS Card you can call the CISRS Helpline on 0300 9991177 (Option 1)

for a replacement. The cost of a replacement card is £30.00 (£33.00 from 1st April 2023).

For a replacement certificate please contact the centre where you completed your training. Contact details can be found in the Training Centres area.


How do I make an appeal?

If you wish to appeal against a Record Scheme Ruling, you must complete this CISRS Appeals Form and return it with all requested information and documentation.


Can I use the CISRS logo for my company if I employ CISRS registered operatives?

The CISRS logo can only be used by CISRS Accredited Training Centres and not by scaffolding companies using CISRS registered operatives.