Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS)
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CISRS System Scaffold Inspection


In response to a growing use of systems scaffolding, CISRS has introduced a range of System Scaffold Product Inspection courses.

This has resulted in the launch of three one-day courses, covering Haki, Layher and Peri Up systems.

The 1 Day System Inspection Course is aimed at CISRS Inspection card holders and CISRS Scaffolder/Advanced card holders who have an Inspection Endorsement on their card as add-on training for the inspection of system scaffolds.

This course includes a theory test based on general inspection and specific system product knowledge as well as a practical exam based on a drawing of the structure and faults provided by the manufacturer / supplier.

In accordance with the criteria for SSPTS training, inspectors who have successfully completed a CISRS System Scaffold Product Inspection course are deemed competent to inspect a system product of a similar type, provided they are fully aware of the differences in the product specifications and have access to the current manufacturers user guide.