Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS)

NOCN Job Cards

NOCN Job Cards are responsible for providing scheme administration and card production services to CISRS, following CITB withdrawing from this role as part of its Vision 2020 programme.

CISRS applications will now receive both a plastic card and a smart card, which they can access via any smartphone or device. By tapping their card on their phone, cardholders can see all their details; photo, qualifications and courses taken. This App is secure and can be kept on the phone so the individual has proof of their card at all times.

The CISRS Smart Card User Guide can be downloaded here.

The App will also notify cardholders of renewal notifications to simplify the renewal process. A smart ‘Card Wallet’ will allow multiple cards to be stored on a single device, allowing contractors to easily collate their operatives’ details and access them as required.

The cost of making an application for a new dual physical/smart card will be £30, a slight increase on the previous card cost, but still much lower than the industry average.

CISRS Application Forms can be downloaded at