Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS)

CPD – An Introduction

Since 1st July 2017 all CISRS Scaffolder and Advanced cards can only be renewed with a CISRS 2 Day Scaffolder Refresher Course.

CPD - An Introduction

Background to CPD Introduction

The issue of CPD and refresher training for Scaffolders has been discussed on many occasions over the last 10 years.

The HSE wrote to CISRS in June 2014 requesting that CPD should be incorporated into the scheme.

At the ASITO meeting in September 2015 following lengthy discussions on the topic of CPD, including likely content, method of delivery, course duration etc. a working Party was set up, which included an ex NASC President and representatives from contracting scaffolding companies.

The Working Party held its first meeting January 2016, at this meeting the proposed content, duration and method of delivery was agreed, based upon previous discussions at ASITO.
In March 2016 this information was passed onto NASC members at the regional meetings and then to industry via press releases, website postings etc. It has received a mixed response, however there are many across the whole of industry who have welcomed the idea. Much of the initial opposition to the introduction of CPD appears to be cost and who will pay for the course rather than the principle of CPD itself.

The introduction of CPD has been driven by the HSE and the wider industry. It has been recognised that the necessary levels of practical skills can be achieved via approved training, assessment programmes and experience in the workplace, however the operative needs to ensure that they are kept up to date with current best practice, changes to legislation etc.

“Following the publication of the Industrial Strategy for Construction in 2013, the construction industry has refocussed its efforts on ensuring the workforce is appropriately qualified. Continuous professional development (CPD) is an effective method of ensuring all construction workers keep up to date with the latest developments and processes. CSCS welcomes the introduction of CPD as part of the renewal process for a CISRS card, further reinforcing the highly skilled reputation of UK scaffolders.”

Graham Wren
Chief Executive, Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

The introduction of CPD for Scaffolders has not been driven by Training Providers and cannot be described as a “Knee Jerk” reaction. It is an agenda that has been pushed by wider industry for many years. CISRS and ASITO have been convinced it is the right thing to do for our safety critical sector.